Website Tracking Report

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ELOC offers client website marketing software for Real Time website performance.· Get more website results from video ad campaigns, close the loop on your marketing ROI.· We manage your website marketing dashboards.Dashboard50

Real Time Dashboard
  • Live, real time data of your website traffic, showing visitors and leads with their lead score and visit details.
  • Alerts for visitors, leads and keyword trends.
  • See all you SEO performance indicators in one integrated view.
Search Engine Optimaization (SEO)
  • Step-by Step guidance to optimise your webite for multiple search engines based on the keywords you choose to target.
  • Choose the right keywords, track organic rank, and compare yourself to competiors on major search engines.
Lead intelligence and Lead Nurturing
  • Full Lead Intelligence including website behaviorhistory, full lead details, and corresponding customised lead score.
  • Customizable lead scoring to help focus sales, allocate and delegate leads effectively, and help analyse and optimise channels.
Social Media:
  • Track visits and leads generated from Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Measure your social media efforts to determine ROI and success.
  • Use the twitter for business applications to monitor trends, track visits, leads, retweets, and followers.Schedule automatic campaigns to create event driven communications via Twitter.
Enterprise Reporting:
  • A customisable reporting application that provides robust out-of-the-box traffic reports and the ability to customise your data.
  • We use one intergrated website reporting dashboard to manage your online marketing activities on a global scale.