ELOC's machine learning algorithm utilizes a prediction model to calculate the value and expected performance of each impression through user response probability modeling. This forecasted behavior determines, with high accuracy, the likelihood of an individual user’s reaction to varying advertisement formats and pricing models (i.e. CPM, CPV, CPA, CPL, etc.). The implementation of the prediction model vastly improves advertising returns, by automatically serving the optimal, best fitting ad to each user.

ELOC’s proprietary technology combines its prediction model with a further optimization function that automatically serves the best mix of the publishers’ network advertisements and the ELOC marketplace based on the publisher’s preferences.

ELOC’s technology enables publishers to integrate video and display content through the same ELOC tag without any additional publisher setup. The marketplace video offering goes beyond standard video advertisements, as it leverages proprietary layering technology to enhance video campaigns to increase publisher revenue.

All of ELOC’s advanced advertising technology is delivered to publishers’ sites through a single, smart tag that never needs to be changed or rotated on the site, providing vastly increased advertising sophistication through a simple to use platform while decreasing the publisher’s tedious work of constantly updating and managing their multiple tags.

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